Tamara - 19 - FL
"I like that scar you got there."
"Me too." ~Valdaya
Hi! First of all, great job on your blog I really like it. Someone asked you if you think that it exist sexual tension/chemistry between V and Z ( I certainly think yes and from the beginning) but in your answer you said that some people were already beginning to side eye them because of how close they looked, could you be more specific about that, like describing some situations when you felt that people were some how "uncomfortable /suspicious" about their relationship? Thank You!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I guess lately I’ve been snooping around on some gossip websites and people have been noticing just how close they are after their season has been long over. Check their IG comments when one mentions the other or head over to this website and read what the people are saying.

I really love ur views on what u think about Valdaya and I wanna kno do u really think they have sexual tension/chemistry? Can u give me a long answer? Pls.

Thank you! Um you want a long answer well than sit tight, I’m gonna try to deliver that. I’ll use an example that some of us overlook. Go back to Week 1, they barely even know each other. There’s a little moment where Val is telling Z how he doesn’t ‘want her to be good he wants her to be incredible’, have you noticed how awfully close they are sitting? There’s no space between them. I’m sure around this time they were kinda feeling each other out, so it wasn’t that much of a big deal. They’re just talking, and taking a mirror selfie, that’s it. No harm done, right?

Okay. Now we’re gonna skip all the way over to Week 9, did you see how far apart they’re sitting from each other?  They’re sitting that way because it wouldn’t look right on camera, in front of people who don’t understand why they get along so well. But for some reason, the distance made it really obvious that something that isn’t platonic is there. Call it what you want, but I thought they were flirting. Still don’t believe me? Picture the way they were sitting in Week 1 and sub that in for Week 9. The same way they were interacting, the teasing, smiling, giggling, how would that look right after a few people are already beginning to side eye them? Bad. They just vibe off one another really well, and that takes chemistry.

Hope this was a good answer for ya!